The benefits of applying curd on your skin

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The benefits of applying curd on your skin
The benefits of applying curd on your skin

27 Dec 2020: The benefits of applying curd on your skin

Curd is the most versatile culinary item you can find in your kitchen. You can have it on its own or use it to cook another dish. However, its versatility doesn't end here. It can also be used as a beauty treatment.

The practice of adding curd to homemade face masks is not new, and even science backs its multiple benefits.

Moisturizer: Curd is a natural moisturizer

Curd holds moisturizing properties and can prove to be your skin's best friend in winters.

It contains probiotic bacteria that produce hyaluronic acid, which plumps your skin with loads of hydration.

Curd is also full of nutrients like calcium, proteins, and vitamin D, which supply essential nutrients for keeping our skin supple and soft.

Anti-aging: Lactic acid in curd can fix signs of anti-aging

The lactic acid in curd is a naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), an ingredient used in anti-aging products.

Exfoliating with a curd scrub encourages skin cell renewal by removing dead skin cells. Over time, it can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Curd also contains zinc, which speeds up cell growth and helps the skin look more youthful.

Acne: Got some annoying acne and pimple? Apply curd on them

High amounts of zinc and lactic acid in curd come into play once again. They have acne-fighting properties, making them great products for problem skin.

Use it in a mask or even as a spot treatment to reduce acne.

Also, applying curd helps with the scars left behind by acne and pimples, which usually take a long time to fade away.

Sunburn: Curd can cool down and heal sunburnt skin

Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage the skin and cause sunburns. These are often characterized by redness, blisters, and annoying itchiness.

Applying curd to these sunburned areas cools it down because it has anti-inflammatory properties. And, reduction in inflammation will heal your skin.

Additionally, it has been observed that curd can be effective in fading away suntans.

Face packs: Popular combinations: How to use curd on skin

Aside from applying curd alone, here are some of the popular combinations for curd masks you should definitely try.

The weekly mask of cucumber and curd is suitable for all skin types.

A traditional concoction of curd and gram flour is used for glowing skin.

Also, exfoliate your face weekly with curd and oats. For hydrated skin, use curd with honey once a week.

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