Bella Thorne vs Tana Mongeau PUBLIC Fued Is Too HOT to Handle! XXX OnlyFans Star's Diss Track for Her Ex Backfires in the Craziest Way, Here's All the Tea ICYMI

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Bella Thorne vs Tana Mongeau- the war is on and a very public one at that! ICYMI OnlyFans queen Bella Thorne just made a diss track Stupid F**king B***h on Sunday which clearly seemed like was directed at Tana Mongeau BUT we would go with the term allegedly here. This song, as the name suggests, seemed to be a very cruel dig at her ex, with not-so-subtle title "Stupid F**king B***h". However, Tana is not the one to hold back. This time made it very clear that she won't sit back and be called a SFB.

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Take a look at XXX OnlyFans Star Bella Thorne's Instagram Post:

Bella Thorne's Diss Track Video SFB "Stupid F*cking Bitch":

Tana and her gang, Imari, Ashly, Ari, and an off-camera Hunter watched, reacted and roasted Bella Thorne, not leaving any filter either. The clip was titled: "Bella Thorne made a HORRIBLE song about me and we reacted to it". She also shared: "We filmed this before Christmas, but I’ve been debating on if I wanted to have the scandal or not…here I am." For a little background ICYMI, the two have been involved in a very ugly feud since their split in 2019. Tana even taunted Bella for claiming she was the "first" celeb on OnlyFans. This reminds us of the time the sexy OnlyFans queen found herself in major controversies with sex workers on OnlyFans. After the subscription-based XXX website decided to change its payment policies saying that XXX content providers and sex workers cannot charge over $50 for pay-per-view content and cannot be tipped more than $100 by one user, people blamed Bella Thorne because the XXX workers believed the changes came after she made a whopping $2 million in her first seven days. What is OnlyFans? From Porn Star Renee Gracie & Pornhub Director Bella Thorne to Tana Mongeau & Cardi B Here are Some Of The Popular Celebs Present On The XXX Social Media Platform.

"I am one to stain some images, but I think that the national crime that you just committed on sex workers everywhere is what might be affecting your image a little more than dating me", Tana wrote on Twitter earlier.

Tana took matters to Twitter in no time this time as well. She tweeted: "bella favoriting tweets about how i’m spreading negativity like she didn’t make a song about me called stupid fucking bitch hahahahahaha imagine being so narcissistic u literally cant even take a taste of ur own medicine JESUS"

...and made THIS post leaving no filters:


Well, we are yet to see how Bella Thorne reacts to this. But currently Thorne is busy minting money from OnlyFans. The XXX site has its usage spiked up with even celebs like Cardi B Mia, Khalifa, Bella Thorne, Tyler Posey, Blac Chyna coming closer to fans. The XXX platform is known to allow you to share explicit content. Content like XXX photos, videos, talks, video calls, nudity of any kind is allowed here. OnlyFans doesn't traditionally provide porn like or Although, some of these porn websites are slightly similar to the ones that provide webcam sex like Cam Sex India or