Bella Thorne Shames Jake Paul for ‘Hurting’ Tana Mongeau Merely After a Month of Being Married

Nida Sayyed

Bella Thorne is not happy with Jake Paul! The Team 10 influencer was spotted grabbing lunch with his ex, Erica Costell merely a month after getting married to Tana Mongeau. On finding out about her husband going on lunch with his ex through social media, Tana made a small parody of Ariana Grande’s "thank u, next". She sang about her situation and let her fans know what was happening. Viewers always speculated Jake and Tana were fake, but Tana does seem very heartbroken in the clips uploaded to her Instagram story. It looks like Bella Thorne is okay with her ex again as she shamed Jake Paul for hurting Tana in this tough time. Bella Throne Says Tana Mongeau Dated Her ONLY for Twitter and Broke ‘Girl Code’ After Being Spotted With Mod Sun.

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Jake Paul was spotted with ex Erica Costell, and his wife Tana Mongeau found out through drama channels on Twitter. She got a lot of support from Twitter users and one of them being her ex, Bella Thorne. The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray author slammed Jake Paul by quote tweeting another fan account. Bella Thorne Is Making Porn on PornHub... And We Ain’t Kidding! Here's What You Should Know About Her XXX Venture (Watch Video).

Bella Thorne's Tweet on this Situation

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Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul left separately after their wedding, and it was strange to the fans. This made people believe their marriage was fake and only for clout. Tana has now given an explanation as to why she left alone after the ceremony.

Tana Finally Opened up About Leaving Separately After Her Wedding

Jake Paul has gone MIA ever since the stories and his pictures with Erica went viral. Fans have been upset with him, and some said they genuinely believed Tana had changed him for good. On the wedding night, Jake Paul was in a room with two strippers with his pants undone. He let the ladies upload videos of them all hanging out and some fans are not surprised at all.