Would You Believe These Pieces Of Art Are Painted By Mouth?

Meet this disabled yet incredibly gifted and gritty artist who creates detailed surrealist paintings with her mouth and even beats the able-bodied at art competitions.

Jennie Sjöström, 37, from Falkenberg, Sweden, was born with Arthrogryphos Multiplex Congenita - a condition that means she is unable to move her arms or legs due to painfully stiff joints.

She was painting by the age of two and since then says people are constantly amazed by her talent as well as the intricate details she can produce.

Her surrealism inspired work is shown internationally in galleries, art fairs and museums – under the name ‘IdJeLi’, as well as being sold privately from $500 upwards.

(With inputs from AP)

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj