Being tension-free is the secret behind my long life: Sivananda Baba

Looking exceptional unlined for his declared 122 years and 4 months, India's oldest man visited Apollo Hospital, Chennai for a general routine checkup. Later, in order to show his fitness, Sivananda Baba conducted a yoga workshop for audience to share the secret of his healthy life. He is son of beggar parents, who later became a great man by the blessings of his Sadguru Omkarananda Goswami. He was born on August 8, 1896, according to his passport. He was fed with gruel (rice water) till the age of 4, when he was handed over to a Babaji from Nabadwip. He had no formal education but his Guruji educated him with all spiritual and practical knowledge. Baba has devoted his life to selfless service to the mankind. He has no disease, desire, tension, depression, greed, sorrow, and problem. Baba doesn't take fruit, milk, money or donation. He possesses all the 10 divine goodness and keeps the surrounding happy wherever he stays. He lives a spiritual life and didn't marry.