Being Shot, COVID-19 and Divorce! Professor's Email to Students About Rescheduling of Exams If 'He's Alive' Has Rollercoaster of Emotions (Check Viral Tweet)

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The times are definitely hard for many, as we brave through the pandemic from months. Online classes have become the new normal these days with exams too being conducted from home. Amidst this, a professor's email to his students about postponement of exams is going viral on social media, because it has so many emotions! The professor reveals that he was shot, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is also going through a messy divorce. He informs that if "he's alive" the exam would be conducted in the next week! The entire rollercoaster of emotions in that one email carries is getting its due as the tweet went viral on Twitter. What's more surprising is, the professor responded with another email informing that he is better now and the exam would be conducted next week! Standford University Professor's Email to Non-Binary Gender Student in Deciding a Comfortable Pronoun for German Class is Heartwarming!

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Twitter user who goes by the name decent pigeon shared a screenshot of an email from a certain professor named Wilson. The email reads, "Unfortunately, I have to reschedule the exam, and I will have to cancel class on Thursday. Against, my best wishes, I have been shot and am being treated in the ER. I also have Covid, and the divorce is getting messy." He also adds that the exam will be moved to next week if "he is alive." The professor going through so much at once had people feeling for him. The email went viral over 3.5 lakh likes and 50,000 plus retweets! He then followed it up with another email to give an update that the injury and COVID symptoms were not serious so the exam will take place as scheduled! Twitterati is wrapping their heads around this situation and the concern of this professor for his students. Best Excuse Ever? Girl Requests Retest After Meatball Accidentally Falls on Her Keyboard And Logs Out, Professor Agrees!

Check The First Email Here:

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Here's The Update:

With both the tweets going viral, people were concerned for his overall well-being. Check some reactions below:

Who Shot Him?

He Deserves a Long Break!


That Line Though...

He's Not Talking About 2020, is He?


Give Him a Crown

What a King

Many people wondered if getting shot and the divorce were related while others wondered if the email was true at all. After reading his recovery email, in which he mentions, "Unlike my wife, I expect you not to cheat" has impressed many. Clearly, the professor is good at giving jabs.