Behind Closed Doors: A Peek Into The Sex Lives of Indians

Sexually active Indians have the highest rates of sexual satisfaction in the world as per the latest Durex Global Sex Survey. The survey, which was undertaken with over 33,000 respondents across 42 countries (including India) revealed an interesting sneak peak into the sexual preferences of the participants.

Globally, over 80% of the participants believed that they were free to practice their sexual rights but two-thirds found it difficult to admit that they had sexual issues.

The report also stated that though majority of Indians felt that society was becoming more liberal in talking about sex, sexuality was still a sensitive topic in the country.

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Here are some of the other interesting data points from the survey:

Of the 1,006 Indians who participated in the global survey, 10% men and 5% women refused to identify their sexual orientation.

The most shocking revelation was that more than half of the participants admitted to having unprotected sex, at least once. 

Most of them believed that their partner was free from any sexually transmitted disease or were in the heat of the moment while doing so.

8 in 10 people who were sexually active had sex at least once weekly while 7 in 10 of sexually active respondents were extremely satisfied with their sex lives. Sex drive was still an issue for 1 in 10.

Interestingly, the frequency of sex in urban areas was higher as compared to the suburban areas, while home was considered the best place to have sex.

Respondents also relied a lot on internet as compared to other mediums (like books, magazines etc) to get most of their information.

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The survey is an attempt by Durex to promote safe and healthy sexual practices among younger people.

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