Begum Jaan star Vidya Balan refuses to filter what she says!

Akshata Shetty
Begum Jaan Vidya Balan on making bold statments: I don’t care if what I say is misconstrued

Vidya Balan is a woman of substance and has been portraying strong roles on screen. She is not one of those actors who believe in finding security in Big Banner films with A-listers and films that can promise to make big at the box office. Vidya finds pleasure in doing roles that makes her feel good at heart and has a strong message for the audience.  She is in a way Kangana Ranaut secret alliance but has been lucky enough to not being dragged in controversies.

In her upcoming film, Begum Jaan, Vidya plays the role of a brothel madam. She looks raw and so real in the trailer and promos of the film. Her character has a rugged feel and will make you instantly connect with her. Vidya thinks that Begum Jaan is her most powerful role, although she has played a lot of character-driven roles in films till date. Talking about the same, Vidya in her interview with Hindustan Times said, “I don’t know about brave, but this is definitely the most powerful role I have played, or let me put it this way: I have played strong characters but this is the most powerful one. I feel I haven’t seen this powerful a character on or off screen.” (ALSO READ: When Begum Jaan met Umrao Jaan: Rekha, Alia Bhatt spotted at the screening of Vidya Balan’s film – view pics)

Set in the backdrops of India-Pakistan’s partition, Begum Jaan tells a heart-breaking tale of the brothel madam and her girls who lived in a house that was located in between the area where the borders had to be drawn. They were forced to evacuate the house but they decided to put their foot down and fight till the end to save their house from demolition.

 The year 2017 is dedicated to woman actors in Bollywood with women-oriented films like Begum Jaan, Noor, Tumhari Sulu set for release. But Vidya refuses to talk about women empowerment as a whole instead she diplomatically says, “There’s only one person whose empowerment I’m concerned with and that’s me”. Does Vidya fear being misconstrued for making bold statements? (ALSO READ: When Aamir Khan hurt Vidya Balan’s EGO!)

But Vidya boldly says, “I don’t care if it’s misconstrued because I really think that I am not here to champion a cause. The only cause I am here to champion is my own. Otherwise, I believe that it is very preachy or patronising when you think that you are going to do something for the larger good of women. I believe that change has to happen at an individual level. People tell me that some of my films have inspired them and that they get courage from the way I am off screen. I am humbled but that’s not what I set out to do. I didn’t strategise. I have done films or played roles that have been an extension of myself or have reflected my current state of mind. Invariably, I am constantly trying to empower myself through my films. It empowers me, and if along the way, it empowers someone else, then that’s great.” (ALSO READ: Begum Jaan song O Re Kaharo: Vidya Balan-Nasseruddin Shah present a heart wrenching tale of sex workers during the time of partition)