A beginner's guide on how to correctly apply liquid foundation

Meera Venugopal
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A beginner
A beginner

19 Apr 2021: A beginner's guide on how to correctly apply liquid foundation

All of us who have used a liquid foundation knows that applying it the right way needs ample amount of patience, experience and skill.

If you have just purchased a liquid foundation and are surprised to see those nasty creases which no one told you about, don't worry. The steps listed here will help you get a flawless finish.

Primer: Clean your face, prep your skin with a primer

A primer evens out the skin and provides the perfect canvas for a foundation.

It also ensures that the makeup lasts longer, without creasing out.

Wash your face with a cleanser and apply a lightweight moisturizer. Let it get fully absorbed by the skin.

Now, take a pea-sized amount of primer and apply it on the face blending from the nose outwards.

Brush: Use a flat-top foundation brush for maximum coverage

Flat-top brushes work best for liquid foundation, as they provide maximum coverage.

To start, dab some liquid foundation on the face. Now, using a flat brush apply gentle downward strokes for an even finish.

Cover your cheeks, jawline using the higher point of your brush.

Then, blend in the sides of your nose, around your eyes, using the lower point of the brush.

Sponge: You can alternatively use a makeup sponge to apply foundation

A makeup sponge is a great alternative to a brush, when you want your skin to have an airbrushed finish to it.

Dampen the sponge if you're using a beauty blender or else directly go with the application.

Dab some liquid foundation on the face. Now, bounce the sponge for even application.

Be sure to not drag the sponge across the face.

Fingers: If nothing suits, you can always use your fingers

If you are unable to work your way into using a brush or a sponge, you can always use your fingers.

But always wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any bacterial contamination.

Pour some foundation on the back of your hand. Apply the product all over your face.

Layer the foundation on the face using a pat and roll motion.