Bedi reiterates advantages of DBT system for free rice scheme

Puducherry, Feb 15 (PTI): Territorial Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi on Saturday reiterated the advantages of the direct benefit transfer (DBT) system to pay the cash equivalent of quantum of rice as envisaged under the government's free rice scheme.

Expressing concern over 'incorrect information being traded on rice scheme repeatedly,' she said in a whatsapp message that if the government adopted procurement of riceit would have to spend money from its existing budget to buy rice 'at a higher price, store the rice in its godownsand release and distribute the rice.' The former IPS officer said this would mean the government would have to spend money when it does not have funds nor have it provisioned for.

She contended this would also lead 'to a reversal of the current policy in practice of the government of India for transferof money for the rice to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries giving the buyers a choice to buy fresh rice from the market at a time when they want the rice.' She said it is in public interest to ensure that what belongs to the people goes directly to them without any loss in transmission.

The DBT system of operating the free rice scheme would prevent huge leakages and give the people a choice of time, quality and place of purchase alongside breaking through vested interests with no contractor waiting to be paid for the bills, she said. PTI COR NVG NVG