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As a bid to satisfy the gemstone requirements in Indian and elsewhere, Gem Selections was founded in 1987 by Indian entrepreneur and astrologer Shri Pankaj Khanna. Ever since its foundation, Gem Selections has grown leaps and bounds, and recently became a company that is worth upwards of 100 crore rupees.

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Now, in its latest initiative to popularise gemstones among the youth, Gem Selections have come up with a new programme called ‘THE GEMPRENEUR’.

The Gempreneur - Where Gemstones and Business Come Together

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The Gempreneur initiative is not a mere marketing gimmick - it allows the youth to start a business of their own while gaining expertise in the gemstones market.

The proposal is simple. For a small investment of one and a half lakh rupees, the investors will get gemstones worth 65,000 rupees. The gemstones will be provided in a good looking treasure box and will include 25 gemstones and 10 pieces of gem-studded jewellery.

To assist them in the sales of the gemstones, Gem Selections will provide five days of training. This will allow the investor to learn about gemstones in detail and become a Gem Selections®️ certified Gempreneur.

For each & every gemstone sold by The Gempreneur, he/she will get a good commission. This is an excellent initiative that will allow people to start a career on their own with Gem Selections®️ and earn a significant livelihood working in a booming industry.

In line with its goal of providing world-class support to its buyers, Gem Selections will provide full technological support, market support, and customer support to its Gempreneurs. Furthermore, Gem Selections goes an extra mile to provide financial support as well, allowing the customers to buy their gemstones on EMI. Gem Selections is the only company in Asia that provides EMI schemes for its customers, and proudly does so too. The customers can choose from a range of EMI schemes ranging from 6 to 180 months.

Built by a Family for the World

Gem Selections, from its inception, has been a family-owned business. It was founded by Mr. Pankaj Khanna, along with his wife Mrs. Anu Khanna. Together, they set up a wholesale and retail outlet in New Delhi. Since then, they have diversified their business and entered various other industries, and were joined by their son Aaradhya Dev Khanna in 2016. Today, Gem Selections is a part of the Khanna Gems Group and the brand has a network of over 500 dealers & 18 stores.

Authentic Gems and Authentic Benefits

An authentic gemstone provides you with benefits that a counterfeit one can never do. A gemstone which is authentic and forged by Mother Earth has a healing and cleansing power that is second to none. One who wears such a gemstone will feel calm and detoxified. Gemstones have been historically used by people for various purposes - healing the sick, wishing success to people, and so on. When we wear a gemstone that has travelled around the world in its quest to reach you, it allows you to connect to its past and understand its purpose.

On the other hand, a counterfeit and hoax stone is little more than a piece of plastic. It has little to no benefits for its wearer, and can easily have adverse effects. It can negatively impact both your physical and mental health.

Therefore, it is vital that one identifies the authenticity of the gemstones before buying and wearing them. For this purpose, GEM SELECTIONS offers 100% authentic gemstones that have been tested and certified for their authenticity. All Gem Selections products come with a government laboratory IGI-GTL certificate.

Looking at the virtues and success of Gem Selections over the years, The Gempreneur initiative is an excellent offering by the company to allow young people to start a career with them in exchange for a small investment. In today’s market, an opportunity like this does not come around often, and it will surely intrigue the people to consider it well.

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