Becky Lynch shares mugshots after arrest on WWE Raw

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch was initially the planned match at WrestleMania. (Source: Twitter/Becky Lynch)

Becky Lynch has been released from police custody after being taken away in handcuffs by Atlanta police officers on Monday Night Raw. After her release, The Man shared her mugshots with fans online. "Ronda, you go back and get that BELT because I didn't come this far to collect it from Stephaine. I came all this way to take it from you," Lynch wrote on Twitter.

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch was initially the planned match at WrestleMania for the women's title. However, she was later pulled off due to a 60-day suspension on Lynch.

Vince McMahon ordered her suspension citing a bad attitude and handpicked Charlotte Flair as the replacement.

But mone of that stopped Becky from crashing a tag team match on WWE Raw on Monday night pitting Rousey and Natalya against The Riott Squad.

The Man immediately announced her arrival by cracking Natalya in the face and whacking her with her crutch.

Security intervened and kept Becky and Rousey from tearing into one another, but Lynch was taken from the arena and arrested.

Lynch’s action has also drawn comparisons with legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin himself said in a recent interview that he sees a lot of his Attitude Era character in Irish star.

"She does remind me a lot of myself. If you line up that women's roster and you line up that roster back in the day when I was still in the ring, and you said, 'hey, I need you to pick out my next breakout superstar.' I don't think your gonna pick out Becky Lynch and I damn sure know you wouldn't pick me out of that line-up," Sirius XM Radio quoted Austin as saying.