Beauty trends that are crazy and should be avoided completely

Meera Venugopal
·2-min read

Beauty trends that are crazy and should be avoided completely
Beauty trends that are crazy and should be avoided completely

07 Feb 2021: Beauty trends that are crazy and should be avoided completely

Fashion and beauty are two concepts that only a few of us understand and many don't.

It is easy to comprehend the idea behind doable trends, but sometimes, the ideas are so very bizarre that it is hard to grasp the thought that went into conceptualizing it.

Weird ideas are everywhere, but here are a few of them that you should keep away from.

#1: Don't listen to Taylor Swift, permanent markers aren't for eyes

Eyeliners are clinically tested for safety purposes but markers do not fall under this category.

Permanent markers became a beauty trend when Taylor Swift, in an interview, mentioned that she had once used a permanent marker to fix her eye makeup.

Post this, the internet was flooded with permanent marker eye makeup posts, but we highly recommend to not experiment with your eyes.

#2: It's a kitchen thing! Baking powder isn't for your face

The term "baking" in the beauty industry is a technique that gives the makeup a long-lasting and flawless finish.

But netizens took this term too literally and made social media a dump yard of makeup tutorials that recommend using baking powder instead of setting powder.

Don't fall prey to this weird trend, and let the baking powder play its part in the kitchen.

#3: What's worse than uni-brows? Halo brows and fish tail brows

I often fail to understand why it is so hard to leave the eyebrows at peace.

Why do eccentric eyebrow trends have to pop up every now and then?

Just when we thought that uni-brows are the worst that could happen to eyebrows, influencers proved us wrong by jumping onto fishtail brows and halo brows.

Do you really want to torture your brows?

#4: Do your nose a favor, stay away from nose art

With makeup artists making art of almost every part of the body, it would've been hard to forgo the nose.

Nose art is in vogue and is more elaborate than one would think. From nose hair-extensions to painted-on hearts, there is a wide array of options when it comes to nose-art.

But unless it is Halloween, we strongly recommend keeping away from this trend.

#5: Nail art is love but stay away from teeth nails

Russian-based nail art chain Nail Sunny created a teeth nail art, which trended for a while.

The design was created just like other acrylic nail arts and involved the artist molding an acrylic into tooth shapes.

There are millions of nail designs out there for every taste and craze.

So, go wild and experiment with all of them, but leaving behind these beastly ones.