‘Beautiful mess’: Netizens can’t have enough of this baby enjoying his dinner

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Little Albie enjoying his dinner has been delighting people around the globe.

An adorable video of a toddler with Down Syndrome utterly enjoying his special spaghetti dinner has gone viral, delighting all online. Content with the food, the little one is seen rubbing his belly in glee, only the food wasn't inside, but outside. His mother, who didn't mind the mess, couldn't stop laughing at her baby.

In the hilarious video filmed by Emma Ayers, the one-year-old boy identified as Albie is seen happily playing with his food sitting on a high chair, after he stumbled over the bowl of food kept on the tray. And as his mother is left in splits seeing his actions, the little boy could help but laugh himself.

The sweet moment shared on Facebook by a community Positive About Down Syndrome has been watched of millions of people around the globe and they couldn't be happier.

Watch the video here:

Albie, who has Down Syndrome, was tube-fed until he was five-months-old and is now encouraged to play with food as part of his development, but "bathing" in it was "a new one" to the family. "If people can get the same joy out of Albie that we do we're thrilled, but then they didn't have to clear up afterwards," the mother from the UK was quoted as saying by BBC.

Here's how people reacted to Albie's food video:

But what really touched her heart was that no one judged the child for his genetic condition. "Everyone is commenting on what a cute baby he is, nobody has said the words 'Down's syndrome', they haven't judged. If one person who is in the same situation as we are can watch this and just see Albie, and not see anything else, then this has been brilliant," she added.