Braveheart Chetan Cheeta: Alive for a reason, want to join CoBRA and go back to Kashmir

In an exclusive interview to India Today, the brave soldier said he is missing Kashmir badly where he should be present as the situation needs him.

CRPF commandant Chetan Kumar Cheeta, who successfully fought death after taking nine bullets during an encounter with terrorists in Kashmir, is once again yearning to return to the trouble-torn Valley to complete his unfinished work.

In an exclusive interview to India Today, the brave soldier said: "I miss Kashmir badly...I am needed there. I should be present there".

He wants to be a part of CoBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action), a specialised unit of the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force).

"After getting hit by so many bullets, I am sitting here and talking to you it seems that there is something left to be done yet. And it is only because I am special," he said.

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CRPF soldier Chetan Cheeta not a hero alone, his wife Uma is partner to his courage

The CRPF soldier is now recuperating after spending one month in coma at a hospital after he took nine bullets, including one in the head, during a gunbattle with militants in Jammu and Kashmir in February.

Besides head injuries, his jaw and eyes also suffered badly.

During the interview he was asked to comment on incidents where children also join the stone-pelting crowd against the security forces in Kashmir. So being a parent what will Cheeta do in such a situation?

"What will we do? We don't have to aim and fire bullets. We have to avoid," he said.

His wife Uma Singh, who is no less than a hero, cites examples of incidents where jawans call those children who start playing with them.

"And those children also forget that they are supposed to throw stones on them," she said.

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