Man Shoves Wife in Head-First Through Window of Cramped Bus in West Bengal

Every Indian who has traveled in public transport, be it in cities or villages, is acutely aware of the problem of overcrowding on trains and buses, especially on festivals and occasions. But Indians also have a propensity for 'jugaad' like no other, as displayed by a married couple in West Bengal who were trying to enter a packed bus.

The commotion was such that one couple decided to try out a rather unconventional method. Instead of fighting their way in through the door, the husband and wife walked to the side of the bus where the man lifted his wife up and shoved her in, head first, through the open bus window, News18 Bangla reported.

The incident took place last week in Sagar Dweep, the point in West Bengal where the river Ganga meets the waters of Bay of Bengal. The site of confluence, also known as Gangasagar, is considered holy by polgrims from across India Bangladesh as well as Nepal and each year, during Makar Sankranti, lakhs of pilgrims come to tale a dip in Gangasagar and follow it up with a visit to Kapil Muni's ashram.

This year too on Makar Sankranti, nearly 18 lakh people gathered at Gangasagar to take the dip. However, the commotion occurred on Satyurday when people finally started to return to their respective homes. Lakhs of people tried to get on local public buses that would take them to their respective towns, cities and border points.

The hilarious incident was captured on phone videos and has been going viral on social media since.