Beat chilly winters with Kashmir’s famous fur shoes

Srinagar (J&K), Jan 05 (ANI): The sale of fur shoes is skyrocketing in the markets of Srinagar. They are in huge demand due to severe cold and heavy snowfall in Kashmir during this season. Amid winters, sale of fur shoes is generally on rise and people take them to prevent themselves from chilly weather conditions. People mainly prefer fur shoes in winters as it helps them in keeping warm. The business of fur shoes is in boom and expected to rise in the coming days as well. Locals and tourists are purchasing them in large numbers as chilly weather conditions and snowfall have made the temperatures dip sharply, making the people reach for the fur shoes. Local shoe makers are working round the clock to complete demands of various dealers. Speaking to ANI, a shopkeeper said, “If we see currently then harsh winters are going on in Kashmir which is known as ‘Chillai Kalan’ in which the temperature declines to about minus 7 and 8 degrees Celsius.” “During harsh winters we want shoes made of fur and right now the need of every other person is these furry shoes. People usually prefer not buying high priced shoes over here,” he added. Talking to ANI, a customer said, “Earlier, the fur shoes in market were quite normal but now there are waterproof and different varieties of shoes.” “Now, we prefer wearing fur shoes as they keep our legs warm and they are also waterproof as compared to ordinary shoes which get wets very easily,” she added.