BC Cricket Championship: A thrilling and an exciting action packed August awaits for millions of cricket fans as Cricket comes alive in Canada

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VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On 7th August 2020, the Meadowbrook Park, Canada will open its arms wide to welcome and embrace lakhs of hungry cricket fans across the world to witness one of the most exhilarating cricket tournaments BC Cricket Championship.

The seven days T20 fest will be a grand extravaganza comprising 10 league matches, 02 semi-finals and one final match. The first five days starting from 7th till 11th August, will cover all the league matches followed by two semi-finals on 12th August. The Final will be played on 13th August 2020, at 09.00 am - Canada Time ( 09.30 pm - Indian Time ).

The league matches and the semi-finals, first and second will be scheduled at 09.00 am and 01.00 pm Canada Time ( 09.30 pm and 01.30 am - Indian Time ) respectively.

The winner will be a proud recipient of 25,000 Canadian Dollars.

The objective of the event is to bring cricket back for the cricket fans, boost local talent and the cricket of Canada.

BC Champions, Victoria Waves, Vancouver Vibes, Kings 11 Kelowna and Surrey Shines would be the five teams competing against each other. The tournament will bring delight to the crazy cricket fans as some of the icon players like Ravindrapal Singh and Sana Kaleem along with Bhupindar Singh, Harmandeep Singh and Newab Cheema would be a part of the great event and showcase their cricketing skills.

Fans would get to witness the BC Cricket Championship live on One Sports, India and Willow TV in Canada, the channel partners for the respective countries.

The scoring partner is Sportskeeda and Cricketworld.

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