BBC Interview Dad & Family Talk About The ‘Funniest Video of 2017’

“I made a minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars,” Robert Kelly told interviewers.

East Asian affairs expert, Robert Kelly, who became an internet sensation last week after his family interrupted his live Skype interview with the BBC, has finally broken his silence.

“I made this minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars. It’s pretty ridiculous,” Kelly told The Wall Street Journal in an interview.

Kelly, wife Kim Jung-A, and children, four-year-old Marion and eight-month-old James have sparked a flurry of memes, discussions and GIFs since the incident.

“Everybody we know seems to think it’s pretty hysterical. We understand why people find it enjoyable ... It’s funny,” Kelly told the BBC. “We laughed a lot, but still we were worried a little bit more,” his wife said.

So, was the professor wearing pants? Yes! He was wearing jeans, to be precise. He also revealed that little Marion was in “hippity-hop mood after a school party”.

Kelly also told the BBC that it was “pretty uncomfortable” when everybody assumed that Kim was a nanny. “I hope people just enjoy it and don’t argue over this thing,” said Kim.