‘BBC dad’ returned to talk to a world in lockdown about the challenges of working from home

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As Kelly and his wife Jung-a Kim were talking, their kids started making silly aces and tried to mug the camera.

In 2017, a Skype interview with South-Korea-based American political science professor Robert Kelly went viral after his kids walked into the room and stole the show.

On Thursday, the BBC reached out to Kelly again, but this time to ask about what it's like it is to work from home with children at home and how their family is dealing with social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

There was throwbacks to the 2017 interview as Kelly's children started getting restless after a while even as the interview was on. As Kelly and his wife Jung-a Kim were talking, their kids started making silly faces and tried to move the camera. Kim also tried to gently hold daughter Marion back as she tried to get out of her seat.

The new interview with the family was widely shared on social media with people delighted to see the family again. Many who came across the video agreed that they related now with the family more than ever. Take a look at some of the reactions here:

South Korea isn’t officially under a lockdown, but the government has asked people not to congregate outside. The Asian nation has been praised for its handling of the pandemic and bringing the number of cases under control quickly.

South Korea has around 9,332 active cases and the virus has so far killed 139 people.

Meanwhile in India, the death toll due to the coronavirus epidemic rose to 17 with Rajasthan recording its second death Friday. The total number of cases has soared to 724, which includes 66 who were discharged. Globally, the casualties due to the pandemic on Friday spiked to 24,057. (Click here for LIVE UPDATES)