BB 12: Fans Lash Out At Karanvir & Sreesanth As They Make Fun Of Rohit Suchanti’s Sexuality!

Nagarathna A

Rohit Suchanti entered the Bigg Boss 12 house as second wild card entrant. The actor grabbed limelight on day 1 of his entry. His looks became topic of discussion in the house. Surbhi called him 'beautiful', and told Saba and Somi that he is the most eligible bachelor in the house. But the most disgusting thing was Sreesanth and Karanvir's comments! Sreesanth judges Rohit as he wore purple shorts and makes homophobic jokes on the actor. Not just Sree, surprisingly, Karanvir too, makes fun of Rohit's sexuality!
Fans are extremely disappointed with Karanvir, especially, as they didn't expect this from him! Check out fans comments.

Jon Snow

"Surbhi is very wrong at her place. But justifying his disgusting actions based on her reactions is not cool. And all that homophobic comments and actions. 🤷🤷🤷 #BB12 #Biggboss12 #BiggBoss." - (sic)


"Shivashish is highly insecure that ladies are not going to look at him after #RohitSuchanti entered the house...Waise bhi kaun dekhta tha usse 🤣🤣🤣#KaranvirBohra one has right to talk about anyone's sexuality..." - (sic)


"Actually #Sreesanth was jealous bcoz #RohitSuchanti is so good looking aur ghar ki ladies usko dekh kar bahot khush ho gayi thi. Isliye Rohit ko nicha dikhane k liye ye ghatiya gay wala comment kiya 😑 uski shakal pe jealousy ekdum saaf nazar aa rahi thi 😏" - (sic)


"Like what they ll teach their children? If you see a guy with purple clothes and he is clean shaved..he is a gay..!like seriously..didn't expected this from these people. #RohitSuchanti #rohitinbb12 #rohitfamilia #BB12 #BiggBoss12." - (sic)


"Very bad of #KaranvirBohra and #ShivashishMishra to talk about #RohitSuchanti and his Sexulity. Specially dissapointed with @KVBohra This was very cheap. #BB12 #BiggBoss #BiggBoss12 @imrohitsuchanti." - (sic)


"#SurbhiRana says "itni sundar to ghar ki ladkiyan bhi nhin hain" 😂😄 sahi h, #RomilChoudhary ki najar fisal rahi h Iss bande pe.. #Wildcard #RohitSuchanti #BB12 @BiggBoss." - (sic)


"Who gave them right to judge someone's preference. #KaranvirBohra & #Sreesanth both were disguting tonight. KV commented on #RomilChoudhary & #Sreesanth commented on #RohitSuchanti. Shame. #BB12 #BiggBoss12 #BiggBoss #BiggBuzz #BB12onvoot." - (sic)

Sagar Rathore 🧜🏼♂️

"Just because #Rohit was wearing purple pants #Sreesanth was portraying him gay ! What a disgusting mentality he has ! #BB12 #Biggboss12." - (sic)

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