Bathinda shocker: Woman sacrifices grandchildren to ward off 'evil spirits'

You may have heard ghastly stories of human sacrifices but the human sacrifice incident reported from Kotfata village in Bathinda on Wednesday evening has shocked the whole of Punjab.

In a horrifying incident, a grandmother with the connivance of her son sacrificed her own grandchildren in the presence of their mother to free them from 'evil spirits'.

Kulwinder's wife, Rozy told the police that Nirmal Kaur had on Tuesday decided to sacrifice five-year-old Ranjot and three-year-old Anamika to achieve a degree of tantra.

She assured Rozy that the children would come back to life after the sacrifice.


The children were laid in front of Nirmal Kaur who along with her son first mercilessly slapped and kicked them. After which, the children were beaten-up with hot tongs(chimta).

When the children fell unconscious, Nirmal Kaur ordered her son to give them an electric shock in an attempt to bring them back to life. Later, she also asked her son to put pieces of an electric tube light inside the mouths of the children.

Rozy tried to stop her husband and her mother-in-law but was beaten up and locked in a room. She kept crying for help but nobody came to the rescue of her innocent children who died of an electric shock.

People gather outside Nirmal Kaur's residence. Photo: Manjeet Sehgal The neighbours rushed to the spot when they heard the screams and called the police.


55-year-old Nirmal Kaur and her son Kulwinder Singh, 32, have been arrested by the police for practicing witchcraft.

"We have arrested the accused Nirmal Kaur and Kulwinder Singh. We will take action against them. The condition of Kulwinder's wife and sister is serious. They are being given medical treatment," SSP Bathinda, Swapan Sharma said.

Nirmal Kaur claimed that the soul of Sheshnaga, the five headed divine snake which forms a coiled seat for Lord Vishnu to rest on, had entered her and that the locals should worship her.

Sources say that the accused Nirmal Kaur had also become estranged from her husband Mukhtiyar Singh and did not allow him to return home.

She had relations with some tantrics who regularly visited her.

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