Basketball Federation of India Grants 3 x 3 Basketball League 3BL, Official Recognition

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New Delhi, Delhi, India – Business Wire India • The Basketball Federation of India (BFI) has given recognition to 3BL, to take 3x3 basketball to the next level in India.

• 3BL is now among the only organizations in the world to have exclusive rights from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) as well as the National Federation (BFI).

• The recognition will improve India’s chances for qualifying in the 3x3 basketball events at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

• Two Seasons of 3BL have been successfully conducted so far, and the dates for the upcoming Season 3 to be announced soon keeping in mind COVID related health & safety protocols.

In a watershed moment for Indian basketball, the nation’s top administrative body, the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) has formally granted recognition to ‘3BL’, India’s only FIBA recognized 3x3 professional basketball league. The recognition is expected to galvanize the sport of basketball in India, especially in the shorter 3x3 format, and drastically improve India’s qualification chances for the 3x3 basketball events at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Speaking about the association of 3BL and BFI, 3BL Chairman Mr. Yoshiya Kato said, “We are thrilled as well as excited to be exclusively recognized by BFI and FIBA. This elevates us among the only 3x3 basketball professional leagues in the world to be exclusively recognized by the international and national bodies. India has all the potential for becoming a basketball superpower in the 21st century and 3BL is keen to play a constructive role by building a pathway for top talent right from the grassroots to the world stage.” Speaking about the association of 3BL and BFI, 3BL Commissioner, Mr. Rohit Bakshi said, “3BL is striving to improve the 3x3 competition and environment in India, especially for Indian basketball players. We will be working together with BFI to ensure India becomes a dominant force in 3x3 basketball in the world. We are very thankful to Mr. GovindarajKempareddy and Mr. ChanderMukhi Sharma for entrusting us with this journey we call Road to Olympics.” Besides serving as a shot in the arm for India’s future Olympic qualification chances, the association between the country’s top basketball administrator and the organizers of India’s only professional basketball league will herald multiple advantages for the game. More importantly, it will be a game changer for aspiring basketball players in India to pursue professional playing opportunities within India as well as through representing their country at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters.

The BFI-3BL Association will drastically improve chances for India’s men and women 3x3 teams to qualify for future Olympics, starting with the 2024 Paris Olympics. This is because individual players can accumulate ranking points, and improve the overall FIBA ranking of the country in 3x3 basketballs. This will also make the availability of India’s top national team players for participation in 3BL. Additionally, domestic competitive exposure for both men and women players, who will get a chance to play with and against elite foreign and NRI professional players. 3BL to become a key fixture in India’s national basketball calendar that currently includes National Championships across age groups, as well as the Federation Cup for top club teams. It will also provide professional opportunities for players both within India and abroad. Participation in 3BL will help maintain the playing fitness of India’s national team members and therefore translate to improved performances while representing the country in FIBA’s premier international events.

It will give greater promotion for 3x3 basketballs in India, which is one of the fastest-growing urban sports in the world and is now an Olympic sport. Through this, there will be higher visibility for scouting of talented players, through the ready availability of game footage and statistics. It will come up with improved exposure for younger players, with 3BL acting as an additional feeder system for grassroots talent to rise into the national team ranks.3BL will bring more professional opportunities for Indian players especially in these tough COVID-19 times. They will have access to high-class training facilities for players associated with individual 3BL franchises. There will be increased & diverse participation of players from across states in 3BL try-outs, thereby raising the overall standard of the League.

For starters, The Basketball Federation of India or BFI is the governing and controlling body of basketball in India and is responsible for the development and promotion of the sport at all levels. BFI has been involved in conducting camps, clinics, events, and training sessions at its academies for the development of basketball. BFI came into being in 1935 and took complete control over Indian basketball in 1950. Prior to that time, the Indian Olympic Association handled the conduct of Indian basketball championships. Since 1950, the BFI has been conducting various such championships, from the grassroots to senior team participation in international tournaments. In addition, the BFI has been responsible for the establishment of strong sub-junior and junior level programs. The BFI has to its credit produced several international players of repute, among them 19 have been bestowed with the honour of Arjuna Awards, and two have been conferred the Padma Shri.

For people unaware, 3BL, 3x3 Pro Basketball League, is an intellectual property of YKBK Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. It has 6 Women’s teams and 12 Men’s teams competing in the professional circuit. 3BL is the exclusive rights holder for 3x3 basketball in India. 3BL is the only exclusive provider for an opportunity to compete at FIBA 3x3’s international circuit such as Challengers and World Tours from the Indian Sub-continent directly.


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