Barking up the wrong tree? Women prefer to spend time with their dog than with partner or family

Tired: Dogs are man’s best friend.

Wired: Dogs are woman’s best friend, and many female pet owners are so taken with their pooches, they would rather spend time with them than with their partners or family, according to a new survey. 

A “doga” class, a yoga class for dogs, at a studio in Hong Kong. (Photo: Dale de la Rey/AFP/Getty Images)

The survey, which was conducted by Purina, showed that half of female dog owners would prefer to while the day away with their dog than spend time with their human loved ones.

More than 1,000 people were questioned for the survey about their relationship with their dog, and the results, for any dog lover, are relatively obvious. Besides finding that women would prefer to spend time with their dog, the study also saw that 95 percent of people see their dog as part of their family. One can only assume that the other 5 percent are monsters.

On top of that, 62 percent said their dog helps them de-stress after a day at work, and 55 percent think their dog provides them with emotional support when they’re presented with bad news.

According to a study performed earlier this year by Link AKC, more than half of American dog owners have even blown off social plans with friends to, instead, spend time with their dog.

The physical benefits of dog ownership are often the first that come to mind, but we’ve found the emotional and mental health benefits of having a furry companion are just as impactful,” Herbie Calves, Link AKC CMO, told Fox News

In fact, owning a dog is really good for your mental and physical health. Just having a dog around can lower stress in both adults and children, and dogs have been linked to lower blood pressure for their owners.

As if you needed any more reason to love your furry friend.

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