Bareilly NGO head announces rewards for stoning triple talaq activists

Gogona Saikia

Bareilly NGO head announces rewards for stoning triple talaq activists

21 Jul 2018: Bareilly NGO head announces rewards for stoning triple talaq activists

The head of a Bareilly NGO yesterday allegedly announced cash rewards for anyone who stones and shaves the heads of two women who led campaigns against triple talaq.

Nida Khan and Farhat Naqvi, the activists, were themselves divorced through triple talaq. The latter is the sister of Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

Incidentally, both have been invited to meet PM Narendra Modi at a Shahjahanpur rally today.

About: Nida Khan and Farhat Naqvi were victims of triple talaq

Khan, against whom Barelvi clerics issued a fatwa earlier this week, was married to Ahmed Raza Khan.

She was allegedly harassed for dowry and domestic violence was rampant, before she was eventually given triple talaq.

In 2016, she lodged a police complaint against Ahmed.

Naqvi, who separated from her husband allegedly due to similar conditions, is also fighting a case against her in-laws.

Campaign: The women now run separate NGOs to help other victims

Motivated by their own experience and the plight of several others, the two run campaigns against triple talaq, which allows Muslim men to divorce their wives by uttering 'talaq' thrice, and nikah halala, which mandates Muslim women to marry and consummate the relationship with another man before she can return to her first husband.

They also run separate NGOs to help victims of such practices.

'Reward': NGO-head to give Rs. 11,786 to those stoning the women

Now All India Faizan-e-Madina Council head Moin Siddique Noori has announced a reward for action against them.

"Our group will award Rs 11,786 to anyone who stones Nida Khan and Farhat Naqvi, shaves their heads and scares them away from India," he said.

Last year, he had promised to reward anyone who decapitates Shia Waqf Board chairperson Waseem Rizvi and Canada-based scholar Tarek Fatah.

Fact: Khan and Naqvi will meet PM Modi today

Both women are scheduled to meet Modi at Shahjahanpur at the invitation of Bareilly BJP MLA Rajesh Kumar Mishra. Meanwhile, the UP Minorities Commission has sent a committee to investigate the fatwa against Khan, which has been decried by several top leaders.