Barca's Luis Suarez: It is up to ourselves to improve things

Barcelona star Luis Suarez has urged citizens to do their bit to help contain the spread of the coronavirus by following the advice of medical authorities.

The Uruguayan striker posted a video on Instagram to reassure fans amid the panic caused by the pandemic, which has claimed over 7,800 lives and infected at least 194,000 worldwide.

Several countries have ordered the closure of public buildings and businesses and urged citizens to stay inside to contain the spread of the disease.

Football competitions across the world have been halted, as many players and coaches have been diagnosed with the virus.

In Spain, 21-year-old football coach Francisco Garcia passed away after contracting coronavirus. There have been at least 11,178 confirmed cases and at least 491 deaths in the country.

And Suarez says it is crucial people listen to government advice and stay inside to ensure they do not spread or catch Covid-19.

"Hello everyone, from my house in Barcelona I wanted to send you a big hug, to send a lot of strength to all the people who are fighting against a virus that has us all very concerned,” the 33-year-old said.

“We must know that it is up to ourselves to be able to improve the situation. If we take care of ourselves, we take care of the next door and the entire population. Thousands of people who are suffering from a virus that worries the world.

"There are many countries that are suffering it, in Uruguay there have been some cases. It is essential to pay attention to what they tell you from now on.

“Hygiene must be taken care of, it is very important. If all together we can fight this, we can all continue enjoying life, our family and our friends to keep going. I send you a big hug and don't forget to stay home.”

Suarez, who has scored 14 goals in 23 games for Barcelona this season, has been recovering from a knee injury which kept him on the sideline since January. After having surgery on the injury, he is expected to return in May at the earliest.