How Barack and Michelle Obama keep daughters' lives normal

New York, January 22 (ANI): As President Barack Obama gets ready for another four years in the White House, he and wife Michelle are trying their best to keep their children's lives private and as normal as possible.

Sasha and Malia Obama, just 7 and 10 when they moved from Chicago to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. four years ago, are the youngest children to live in the White House since Caroline and John-John romped in the Oval Office a half-century ago.

As they grow up before the nation's eyes, their parents have tried their best to keep their children's feet on the ground.

They eat dinner together at 6:30 most nights and they do their chores.

The First Daugters, now 11 and 14, are still not allowed to use Facebook, the New York Daily News reported.

During an appearance on "The View," the President said that they don't let their children watch TV or use their computer except to do homework during the week.

He also revealed that Malia, who received a cell phone in 2011, could use it only "on weekends."

When her husband was elected in 2008, Michelle pledged that she would try to keep her children's feet on the ground as much as possible as she was worried that living in the fishbowl and being waited on 24/7 by White House staff and drivers might spoil them.

Sally Bedell Smith, a Washington insider and political historian who has written about the Clintons, said that the President and First Lady have done a very good job in shielding their daughters.

The friends of Sasha and Malia, and the parents of those friends, also guard the privacy of the First Daughters, much like Chelsea Clinton's friends did for her, Bedell Smith said. (ANI)