This Bappi Lahiri fan wears 5 Kg gold worth Rs1.5 crore

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], July 16: In addition to having some amazingly upbeat songs to his credit, Bappi Lahiri is also famous for his hard-to-miss love for gold jewelry. This very fashion statement and the fame that it brought him, is exactly what inspired this Pune based businessman.

Prashant Sapkal, a Pune based businessman who owns a construction firm is following the footprints of his idol Bappi Lahiri and is trying to realise his life-long dream of becoming a famous personality.

Donning 5 kg of gold in form of various ornaments and items, including his gold phone cover and watch, Sapkal carries about 1.5 crores worth of gold on a daily basis. Not just in his house, but he carries it around with him. He even wears custom made gold shoes.

"I have been wearing these for the past 2 years. I get inspiration from Bappi Lehri. He became famous because of the amount of gold he wears and now I am more popular than he is," Sapkal told ANI.

Needless to say, the blinding bling attracts all the attention of common people whenever he is in public.

According to Sapkal, because of his offbeat fashion sense, people run to him for selfies whenever he is on the streets or attending some event. This is why he has hired bouncers to cover and protect him from any kind of mishap.

"A lot of people come to me for selfies, which is why I keep at least 6-7 bouncers to cover me whenever I go for events," he asserted.

Sapkal, who refers to himself as "gold man," has a verified Instagram account which is followed by 8,380 people. (ANI)