‘We too are now world champions’: How Bangladesh’s newspapers covered U19 World Cup win

Akbar Ali, the winning captain, has been hailed as a hero by Bangladeshi newspapers. (ICC)

Bangladesh's victory in the U-19 World Cup final made headlines in the nation as the young team won the nation's first global title at an ICC event.

Almost all Bangladesh newspapers carried the news as the lead report. Akbar Ali, the captain of the side and the Man of the Match in the final, has been hailed as a hero by many newspapers. Some former Bangladesh cricketers also wrote columns on the front pages of newspapers on the historic day for the nation.

Here are some images of the front pages of leading newspapers in Bangladesh:

'World Champions Bangladesh,' said Protidiner Shongbad with Akbar Ali, the captain of the winning side, featured as 'Akbar the Great' alongside. There were also accounts of how fans watched the match in Bangladesh, how this was the team's the first global title and an account of Akbar Ali's career so far.

'Unstoppable youths subdue India' said the headline of the newspaper Desh Rupantor. An accompanying piece had messages from the Prime Minister and President, which also said that they would receive the team when they return to the country from South Africa.

Another piece was headlined 'Akbar is the king of the world of cricket'.

The headline of Doinik Ittefaq said 'Bangladesh wins the world', with a strap that said 'Akbar and team defeat India at U19 World Cup, create history.'

Former Bangladesh cricketer Aminul Islam was featured alongside the match report and is quoted as saying that he was stunned at how the youngsters had pulled off this major coup.

Doinik Inqilab had a headline that said 'World Champions Bangladesh', with a photo of the victorious team stretched across the front page.

The front page belonged to the U-19 side. 'India's pride shattered', read a slug inside the match report.

Pakistan's Naseem Shah, who took a hat-trick in the ongoing Test against the senior Bangladesh side, was also interestingly given some space but only to direct readers into the newspaper.

'We too are now world champions', said the front page of Amader Shomoe. Another report on the front page was from a fan park in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Protidin had a report with the headline 'Bangladesh shocks the world'. 'Bangladesh U-19 have beaten India and emerged as the new champions of the U-19 World Cup', the article said.

Manobkontho's headline said: 'The U-19 World Cup belongs to Bangladesh'.

Prothom Aalo published an article on how 'Akbar the Great' - Akbar Ali, the Bangladesh captain - played the final braving the sorrow of having lost his sister. His sister had died during childbirth in January, the report said.