Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina's Kin Killed, Injured in Sri Lanka Blasts

Marisha Dolly Singh

Mumbai, April 23: Among the 290 dead in the serial blasts that ripped through Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, is Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s extended family member.

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Sheikh Hasina’s cousin brother Sheikh Selim’s 8-year old grandson has been killed while his son-in-law grievously injured in the blast that ripped through Shangri-La hotel. Sheikh Hasina’s niece Sheikh Sonia, her husband and son were having breakfast at the Shangri-La hotel’s restaurant when the suicide bomber detonated his vest. The blast left Sonia’s husband Mashiul Haque Chowdhury seriously injured and her eight-year-old son Zayan Chowdhury missing. It was later confirmed that Zayan died in the blast.

The Bangladesh Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmood Humayun confirmed to reporters in Dhaka that the eight-year-old grandson of Sheikh Selim, Zayan Chowdhury died in the blast. "Zayan’s dead body will be brought to Bangladesh from Sri Lanka tomorrow," Humayun told reporters in Dhaka on Monday evening.

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Mashiul Haque was rushed to the hospital by the local authorities and is being treated in the local hospital. Mashiul will remain hospitalised in Sri Lanka until his condition improves and is declared fit to travel.

Hasina’s cousin, Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim is an Awami League Presidium member.

According to a report in the Dhaka Tribune Sheikh Selim’s daughter Sonia, her husband Mashiul and their two sons, Zayan and Zohan, were staying at the hotel in Colombo while on holiday. During the explosion, Sonia and Zohan were in their room on the hotel’s sixth floor, while Mashiul and Zayan were at the restaurant on the ground floor. After the blast Zayan was reported missing but his body was later identified by family members.

The serial blasts in Sri Lanka have left 290 people dead and over 500 injured. Among the victims are dozens of people from varying nationalities, owing to Sri Lanka’s allure as an exotic travel destination. Among the dead, are people from India, the UK, Denmark, Turkey  and China.