Bangladesh Hacker Group Defaces Urdu Daily Website, Warns India

The news portal of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, an Islamic scholar organistation belonging to the Deobandi school of thought in India, has been hacked by a notorious Bangladeshi hackers group Bangladesh Cyber Gho5t, known for targeting India every now and then. The news portal is called Al-Jamiat.

The website's homepage has been replaced with a warning for India. "STOP INDIA DON'T TOUCH BD WEBSITE, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT OUT POWER?," the warning said.

What appears on the Jamiat homepage currently.
What appears on the Jamiat homepage currently.

"Soon, we will kick your a** and you will realise the power of Bangladesh," it said.

The hacked version of the Jamiat page was still live at the time of publishing the story.

We went back to check the last time the Jamiat website was updated, using a tool called Web Archive. It was last updated on 23 February 2019, at around 9:51 pm, according to the web archive data.

How the Jamiat daily website looks.
How the Jamiat daily website looks.

The group, Bangladesh Cyber Gho5t, has been known for its notorious behaviour. According to its Facebook page, the group had hacked the website of new channel Telugu News 24, among other Indian websites a few days ago.

The group also advertises its Zone-H page, a portal for cybercrime archives in Bangladesh on its Facebook.

The hacker group has also been sending out warning to India, which exists everywhere - from its Facebook page, its website and a YouTube video we found. "We are legion, we never forget, we never forgive, expect us!," seems to be their tagline.

According to, a website that keeps track of defaced websites from certain hacker groups, Bangladesh Cyber Gho5t has defaced a total of 1088 websites, with 979 home pages and 32 special defacements.

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