Bangalore: Father burnt self to death after son could not get admission in school

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Bangalore: Father burnt self to death after son could not get admission in school

Software engineer in Bengaluru burnt himself to death after his 7 year old son could not get admission in top school. 35 year old Ritesh Kumar had paid Aditya Bajaj 2.5 lac as tout after Bajaj promised Kumar a seat to his son.

What would you do if you were fleeced off your money by someone known promising to get your ward admission in a top private school? Ritesh Kumar, a 35 year old software engineer in a private firm in Marathahalli, and father of two, Bangalore burned himself to death.

Kumar had paid 2.5 lac in advance of the total sum 6 lac to Aditya Bajaj, who owned a company that gave tutorials, after Bajaj promised to get Ritesh's 7 year old child admission in a prestigious school. But when Ritesh's son did not get admitted, Kumar asked his money back. Bajaj returned 1.25L in August and promised Kumar a seat to his son in the next academic year, while seeking 10 days' time to return all money.

Unwilling to trust Bajaj a second time, Kumar reached Bajaj's office in JP Nagar Phase 2 carrying a bottle of petrol. Acording to JP Nagar police, Kumar poured petrol on himself and threatened Bajaj to set himself ablaze if Bajaj didn't return the money. When he lit the matches to intimidate Bajaj, he caught fire. Kumar succumed to his burns next day at Victorial Hospital.

Bajaj, who said he tried stopping Kumar, was injured too but survived. He has been booked under Section 306 (abetment of suicide) and 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code. Meanwhile police is investigating whether Bajaj cheated other parents too.

Kumar's wife, Parul Mahensaria, however, denied Bajaj's version of the turn of events and said he abetted her husband to immolate himself. According to Mahensaria, Kumar reached Bajaj's office when the latter said that he won't return their money even if they died in front of him.

As of now, Bajaj's institute has been closed, and the investigations are on.