How to ‘Bang’ the Perfect Distressed Hem According to an Expert!

To continue all things denim, we at Yahoo Style are always on a quest for the perfect hemming tricks and where the best place to hem our favorite denim is. However, with Vetements’ uneven denim and Marques’ Almeida’s the-more-fray-the-better style, a raw and uneven hem is the only way to wear your jeans these days! So who better to seek hemming advice from than master tailor Dyuna, from Levi’s NYC store in the Meatpacking District? Being 5 feet 1, I have to get every pair of jeans I wear hemmed, so the Levi’s 501 Skinny is no different. The trick, according to Dyuna, is to “go about an inch above the ankle — this will fray up about ½ inch and the actual length will end up about 1.5 inches above the ankle.”