Balochistan insurgency likely to intensify: NSAB member

Hyderabad, Dec 1 (PTI)Insurgency in Balochistan is likely to intensify as the current generation of young and dynamic leadership was now leading the struggle against the Pakistan government, Member of India's National Security Advisory Board(NSAB), Tilak Devasher said on Sunday.

In his address at a seminar on 'Pakistan: The Balochistan Coundrum' here, he said every successive generation of Balochi population has been revolting with insurgent activities and lost faith in the Pakistani administration.

'Pakistan is attempting to crush the insurgency with its mighty military power, more than finding a political solution.

The insurgency is not the real problem, but Baloch's nationalism is the real challenge to both Pakistan army and government,' a release issued from Hyderabad-based organisation Social Cause, which organised the event quoted Devasher as saying.

Baloch people, he alleged were facing 'multiple forms of violations, including economic exploitation and severe human rights violations.' A large number of young activists were missing since a decade and only their bodies were surfacing.

'The people are being exposed to ethnic, sectarian, secessionist and discriminative attitudes of the Pakistan government.

The policies adopted by Pakistan since the last 70 years is only leading to alienation of the local population,' he claimed.

Devasherfurther said the people of Baloch were now apprehensive about losing their identity and challenging the Pakistan leadership that they could survive and prosper without them.

The NSAB memberalso cautioned Pakistan against use of military force to resolve Balochistan's insurgency problem.

After the creation of Bangladesh, the very basic concept behind creation of Pakistan on the basis of religion no more remained relevant, the release added. PTI VVK ROH ROH