Baloch women protest against enforced disappearances in Balochistan

Baloch women and children in Quetta city carried out a protest against enforced disappearances in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The protesters led by Mama Qadir Baloch of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons blamed Pakistan's secret agencies for abducting Rashid Hussain, a Baloch political activist and a student. Rashid was arrested by UAE's secret police from Sharjah in November 2018 and handed over to Pakistan's law enforcement agencies in June this year. He has since been kept in an undisclosed location which added to the worries of his family about his safety and well being. Rashid's sister, Farida baloch, said that it has been over three months since Pakistani authorities claimed that Rashid was deported to Pakistan but he has not been presented to any court of law nor has he been provided a legal representative. "We were thinking that he will be produced in court after keeping few days in remand. But, he has been disappeared. We have not information about him. We believe that a person cannot be disappeared like this. If you have charges against him, he should be produced in court", said Farida. Thousands of abducted Baloch have not been released yet and they continue to languish in illegal torture chambers of Pakistan military and ISI. Enforced disappearances still take place in Balochistan with full immunity and the Pakistani state institutions failed to act against such inhuman crimes of state organs.