Baloch activist appeals Trudeau for detailed investigation into death of Karima Baloch

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Activist Karima Baloch
Activist Karima Baloch

Quetta [Pakistan], December 25 (ANI): Dr Abdul Hakeem Lehri, President of the Baloch People's Congress appealed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to immediately and effectively investigate the death of Karima Baloch.

Karima was a prominent student leader of Balochistan, who escaped Pakistan in 2016 to take refuge in Canada. She was found dead in Harbourfront near Toronto's lakeshore. She went missing on Sunday around 3 pm.

"The deep shocking death of Karima is a crime and brutal violation of human rights and a crime against humanity. It needs to be immediately and effectively investigated. The perpetrators must be brought to justice," said Dr Abdul Hakeem Lehri.

Karima had taken political asylum in Canada due to state repression. Earlier, her uncle, brother and mother were assassinated by the Pakistan security forces in Balochistan.

Karima was murdered in a mysterious way. It is widely thought in Pakistan and particularly in Balochistan that she was murdered by the network of intelligence agencies in the same way as in the case of one Baloch journalist, Sajid Baloch in Sweden.

This is not the first time that state officials have been found hand in glove with the security establishment in target and kill operations. General Pervez Musharaf, the ex-military dictator of Pakistan in one of his interviews clearly stated that the activists and those daring to raise their voice against state's oppression should be targeted wherever they are.

Keeping this in view, Lehri requested the Canadian and western governments to break the silence and raise their voice against the atrocities by Pakistan.

Thousands of Baloch workers are missing due to state terrorism and military operations in Pakistan, it is necessary and fundamental for Canadian and western countries to raise their voices, added Lehri.

Meanwhile, in a Twitter post, Siddik Azad Baloch, Secretary-General of Baloch People's Congress urged the Canadian government to take this incident seriously and uncover the reality of what happened to Karima.

"It is hard to believe Karima no more with us. I spoke to her via phone on 13th December. She was determined and cheerful as ever. Her mysterious death is a concern for all Baloch. The Canadian government must take this incident seriously by uncovering the reality of what happened to her," tweeted Siddik Azad Baloch.

Also, Lehri appealed to the Canadian government to handover the dead body of Karima Baloch. (ANI)