Ball-tampering incident: Chairman of Cricket Australia resigns

Sayak Basu

Ball-tampering incident: Chairman of Cricket Australia resigns

01 Nov 2018: Ball-tampering incident: Chairman of Cricket Australia resigns

It has been three days since the Ethics Center released its review of Cricket Australia (CA) and what followed was criticism of the administrators from all the corners.

Even a legend like Ian Chappell came out to say that even in the past, players have suffered for the faults of the administrators.

In the light of these developments, CA chairman David Peever has resigned.

Criticism: Criticism of CA in the review

The board was termed 'arrogant', and 'dictatorial' in the review, which had carried out 469 surveys.

However, in the current team, just 14 players returned the surveys.

Cricketers have also said that they felt like commodities at the hands of the board.

The report also stated that "structures built around elite cricket are oriented to winning, without properly counting the cost."

Fact: Peever follows other administrators

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland, coach Darren Lehmann, and team performance boss Pat Howard had all resigned after the ball-tampering scandal. Peever is the latest among them, and it comes as a surprise because earlier he was adamant that he won't be leaving his post.

Interim: Deputy chairman will take over as interim head

Deputy chairman of CA, Earl Eddings, will be taking over the role as the interim head.

When announcing Peever's decision to quit, Eddings said that the board thanks him for his role in the development of women's cricket, allocating funds to full members other than Australia, England, and India.

He also said that CA will continue to make amends to better its tarnished image.