Ball-tampering cost David and Candice Warner their third child

Gogona Saikia

Ball-tampering cost David and Candice Warner their third child

24 May 2018: Ball-tampering cost David and Candice Warner their third child

The price one pays for mistakes is sometimes exceptionally high. David Warner committed a professional crime, and he was punished.

But as the world focused all cameras on the cricketer, some slamming and others cheering him, Candice Warner, his wife, was dealing with her own trauma.

As the family and their two little kids underwent public humiliation for weeks, she miscarried their third child.

Pregnancy: The Warners discovered they were pregnant while in Cape Town

Candice says she discovered she was pregnant in Cape Town. The couple is already parents to Ivy Mae, 3, and Indi Rae, 2.

"We were overwhelmed, knowing another little Warner was on the way," she said. "I don't think either of us realised how much we longed for this baby."

But things didn't start well for the Australia team, which was touring South Africa.

Bad times: Things started going downhill from the first test itself

In the first test, Warner had an altercation with Quinton de Kock, who passed "vile and disgusting" remarks about Candice.

"That attack, when Quinton called me names- I should've known it wasn't going to end well," she says.

She and the kids were watching the third test on TV when the ball-tampering controversy happened. "I wondered if I could take any more."

Stress: A day-long flight and media confrontation left the Warners stressed

The next weeks were stressful for the family. Warner, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft, who were involved in the scandal, were sent home separately.

The Warners got the longest flight. "No one knew I was pregnant," Candice said.

The 23-hour flight ended with more ordeal: they were confronted by media despite having been assured it'd be a private-exit.

"I was completely gutted," she said.

Miscarriage: A week later, the Warners lost their baby

A week after Warner's tearful press conference in Sydney, Candice suddenly started bleeding one day.

"(Warner and I) knew I was miscarrying. We held one another and cried," she said.

"The miscarriage was a heartbreaking end to a horror tour," she said, attributing it to stress and the arduous flight.

"From that moment, we decided nothing will impact our lives like that again."

Fact: Meanwhile, Warner is preparing for a comeback

In March, Bancroft was caught on camera tampering with the ball. Smith and Warner, who admitted they knew about it, faced bans too along with Bancroft. He will now be seen playing club cricket for Sydney's Randwick Petersham from September.