Mangaluru Horror: Bajrang Dal thrashes interfaith couple; Moral Policing turns fatal

Bajrang Dal in Mangalore attacked an interfaith couple while they were travelling by bus. This moral policing instance is reported to be extremely intense which has resulted with the boy who was thrashed in the ICU. The girl was also counselled and handed over to her parents after the incident took place. No details of any consequence or action against these vigilantes. An alarming rise of these fatalities has been noticed ith around 5-7 similar cases in the past 15 days in the state of Mangalore, Dakshin Kannada. The police has not registered any FIR or charged the Bajrang Dal yet for attacking the couple. As per reports the group of Bajrang Dal stopped the bus and got the couple down and started beating the boy as they called the police, the boy was then after brutal.