Baisakhi 2017: Five mouth-watering recipes to celebrate the harvest festival

Dishya Sharma

Happy Baisakhi 2017!

Baisakhi has numerous names – it is called Vaishakhi or Vasakhi in different parts of Punjab and is an important festival for Sikh and Hindu communities in Punjab, Haryana, Pakistan and Canada, apart from various pockets that are dominated by Sikhs. This year, the festival falls on April 13.

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The Punjabi festival coincides with a number of harvest festivals through the country. Baisakhi falls around the same time as Good Friday, Vishu, Tamil New Year and many other festivals.

A typical folk festival, Baisakhi is celebrated in true Punjabi spirit. With wholesome food and drinks, Baisakhi is celebrated to mark the season's harvest and welcome the new Sikhism calendar year. The wheat is the highlight in this festival as Baisakhi marks the harvest of wheat in Punjab and Haryana.

As part of the celebrations, the women of the house gather to cook some of the culture's most lip smacking and mouth watering dishes. While replicating every dish is difficult, we have made life easier for you and picked out five of the best dishes that you can try at home this year.

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Wheat Flour Laddu:

With wheat playing the protagonist's role in this festival, how about recreate the authentic flavours of aate ke laddu at home? Here's the recipe:

Shami Kabab:

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Silky, smooth and stuffed with the right amount of masalas, the kababs will make you drop weak on your knees!

Mutton Saag:

Tired of Sarsoon da saag? How about you try some mutton da saag? Here's the recipe:

Pindi Chole:

Pindi chole add the perfect Punjabi tadka to the folk festival.

Pumpkin Halwa:

Pumpkin halwa is a great companion or rather the best end to the already stomach filling Baisakhi lunch.

Listing down the lists has already made our mouths water. We hope you have the best time making it! Wishing you a prosperous Baisakhi 2017.

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