Bailable warrant issued against actor Sanjay Dutt cancelled by Andheri court

Filmmaker Shakeel Noorani in his complaint has alleged that he had been threatened by gangsters to settle a financial dispute pertaining to a film for which Sanjay Dutt had taken the signing amount.

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt appeared before the Andheri Magistrate Court on Monday, for the bailable warrant issued against him on Saturday by the court. The case date backs to several years back when filmmaker Shakeel Noorani alleged that Dutt took 50 lakh for his film, 'Jaan ki baazi' which he never did. Later, Noorani received threats from the underworld on behest of Dutt.

After repeatedly being unavailable for court proceedings, the Andheri Court on Saturday issued a balaible arrest warrant in a case where Dutt is accused of intimidation. As per Dutt's lawyer Subhash Jadhav, the warrant was issued due to miscommunication and the issue is sorted. On the other hand, Noorani's lawyer, Neeraj Gupta said that Dutt was not given exemption by the case and he has been asked to be present on August 29.

Court Magistrate CV Patil accepted Mr Dutt's application and cancelled the arrest warrant. "The process was initiated by Magistrate Patil during the hearings concerning a cheque bouncing case filed against Mr Dutt by producer Shakeel Noorani in 2013. We apologised to the court for not being present for hearings. A warrant was issued because Dutt's counsel who was not present in previous hearings. We didn't ask for any kind of exemption. Noorani has lost the case against us in High Court and later, moved to the Magistrate court alleging intimidation," said Jadhav.

It took around 10 minutes for Dutt to complete the formalities after the hearing. Dutt quickly moved out of the court premises, avoiding contact with the media.

Dutt's lawyer Rizwan Merchant had earlier said that as per a high court judgement, Dutt doesn't have to be present in the court for cancellation of warrant, but the actor did show up. Source close to him said that after media reports about a non-bailable warrant against him, Sanjay Dutt wanted to make sure that he is present in the court.

Neeraj Gupta, lawyer of Noorani said, "Next hearing has been scheduled for August 29, wherein evidence put up by Noorani will be examined. Dutt has been given bail on a Rs 500 bond and has been asked to appear before the court in the next hearing."

Shakeel Noorani in his complaint has alleged that he had been threatened by gangsters to settle a financial dispute pertaining to a film for which Mr Dutt had taken the signing amount but failed to honour further commitments of playing the lead role in 'Jaan Ki Baazi'.

"The High Court case was different. This case was filed for the threat which I received at Dutt's behest. Will go ahead with the case," said Shakeel Noorani.

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