Bahubali 2 Movie a ‘Cartoon film’, Mohanlal is ‘joker’ and Mammootty is ‘C grade’ actor: Desperate to be limelight, KRK tries it all

Nithya Nair
After calling Mohanlal 'Chotta Bheem', 'Mawali and 'Joker' he just said that Mammooty is a C- grade actor.

Trying his best to be in limelight Kamaal R Khan is doing all he can by degrading superstars of the Mollywood industry. After calling Mohanlal ‘Chotta Bheem’, ‘Mawali and ‘Joker’ he seems to have found fame in being the top of troller’s list and now maybe plans to continue with the profession. While he had earlier apologised for his remarks of Mohanlal, he gas garnered the wrath of Mammootty’s fans by addressing him as a C-grade actor. He also said that Mohanlal asked him if Mammootty paid him to criticise the actor. He tweeted saying, “Sir @Mohanlal you asked someone whether #Mammootty has paid me to criticise you. No sir. I even don’t know who is that C grade actor.” Mammootty is a three-time National film award winner and was bestowed with Padma Shri in 1998.

And then he reviewed Baahubali 2 in his style of bashing any new release by calling it ‘Great Indian Circus’. He tweeted, “#Baahubali2 is the last South Indian film I have watched. I won’t watch any other south film ever again coz i m not born to watch Ch******a. I could have been very happy if #Baahubali1 created such a big history but I am sad that a crap #Baahubali2 is creating such history.(sic)”. He also went on to say that he just cannot believe that a crap film like Baahubali 2 can create history. KRK calls Mohanlal ‘Mawali’ and ‘Joker’, Malayalam actor’s fans launch cyber attack

Here are his tweets on south actors:

With a fan following of 3.82 million on Twitter all ready to pounce and troll him mercilessly with every tweet KRK still delivers to all of them, keeping expectations in mind (pun intended). However, his attacks on south actors did not go down well with the fans. After he said that Mohanlal was not fit to play Bheem in Randamoozham, Mallu Cyber Soldiers, a Facebook page openly said that they will hack his personal accounts. While we couldn’t confirm the reason, KRK was quick to apologise to the actor saying that he did not know he was quite a big actor in Malayalam films. Scrolling down his timeline, on can assure that talking ill of actors, films, and even movie posters are his favorite hobby. (Image Credits- Mohanlal, Mammootty Facebook)