Badminton tournament in Indiranagar Club commences amidst great excitement

Unnikrishnan G

Bengaluru, December 6: The Indiranagar Badminton League (IBL) 2018 went through a hectic phase since its official launch on November 28. The ceremony, held at Gillys Redefined in Koramangala, that saw unveiling of trophy, team T-shirts for all five participating teams and the draw for the league stage.

The action proper started on November 30 with the league phase which began with the rendering of national anthem and oath by players. The TBW Rabbitohs faced IIHT Mavericks in the opening tie while U2 Diamonds took on Roaring Raqueteers on the same day. The defending champions SVM Turbos had the day off.

Each tie comprised 11 matches across various categories like ladies doubles, kids doubles, mixed doubles and open doubles. The Open doubles were played based on categories with Icon being the highest level followed by A,B,C,D and E. All teams needed to designate one match as their trump match and this tie carried extra points for a win and negative points for a loss.

The Mavericks overcame Rabbitohs 40-30 while the Raqueteers beat the Diamonds 38-29. In the next round, Roaring Raqueteers beat Turbos 42-28 while Rabottohs edged Diamonds 36-34. IIHT Mavericks scraped past the SVT Turbos 36-34 while Raqueteers continued their red hot form beating Rabbitohs 37-27.

At the end of Day 3, Raqueteers were at the top of the table with 117 points from 3 ties followed by Rabbitohs who have 93 points from 3 matches. The other 3 teams (who have each played only 2 games) were led by IIHT Mavericks (76 points), U2 Diamonds (63 points) and SVM Turbos (62 points).

The remaining league matches will be completed on Thursday (December 6) and Friday (December 7). While the Raqueteers have all but sealed their place in the top 2, the other 4 teams are all in contention for the second spot. The top 2 teams will clash on Saturday (December 8) in the final.

Tom Thomas, who is part of the IBL governing council and MD of the Gina Engineering (one of the title sponsors), said he was happy with the smooth conduct of the tournament and lauded the participants for playing with the perfect balance of competitive spirit and sportsmanship.

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