Badly Injured Cobra Treated at ITBP Veterinary Hospital in Haryana Before Being Released into the Wild; Watch Video

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Haryana, December 23: A badly injured young cobra was treated at Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) Veterinary hospital at NTCD Bhanu, Haryana. The snake was immediately anaesthetized and the deep wound was closed using unique surgical techniques. The snake was cared for 15 days before being released into the wild.

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Last year, a 31-year-old ITBP personnel died allegedly after a snake bit him at his barrack in Uttar Pradesh's Greater Noida. The cobra had got into the barrack and slid inside the bag. When the personnel opened the bag, it bit him hard and then stuck on his hand for a while. The poison spread too fast, leaving very less time for response and treatment. Video of 15-Feet Cobra Rescue in Tamil Nadu Goes Viral, Know How Long Can This Longest Venomous Snake Grow.

Badly Injured Cobra Treated at ITBP Veterinary Hospital in Haryana

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In July, a very long cobra, measuring almost 15-feet was rescued from Tamil Nadu. The long snake was found the snake in Narasipuram village in Thondamuthur of Coimbatore. The snake was rescued and released into the Siruvani forest area by officials. The video of the snake was shared on Twitter and people are shocked by seeing its size.