Backstage update on CM Punk’s return to WWE


Bengaluru, November 14: The punchline from CM Punk returning to WWE TV was "It's as simple as this. Just when they think they got the answers, I change the culture." After those words, the former WWE Champion became a hot topic over the internet since last night. As revealed by FOX Sports PR, "CM Punk" and "WWE Backstage" trended #1 and #2 worldwide on Twitter. Major mainstream outlets also covered the news making it a major happening, all around the globe.
Backstage reports are now available regarding this blockbuster comeback which has put pro-wrestling in the headlines. CM Punk was booked to make an appearance after an agreement was reached with FOX. But the officials did not leak a single word to prevent any sort of spoilers on the internet. Only the main host of WWE Backstage, Renee Young had information that the originator of 'pipebomb' would show up on the show. Here is more on that (courtesy
"Punk's surprise appearance was kept a secret to the other on-air talents, except for Renee Young, who introduced Punk, to prevent leaks. As we previously reported, Punk's deal is with FOX only, and not WWE. The decision to sign Punk was a FOX call, but WWE gave their blessing. PWInsider added that while Punk and FOX have been in talks, the deal was only finalized in the last."

According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, CM Punk did have talks with AEW for a potential deal before joining FOX. He met in person with AEW President & CEO Tony Khan to receive a lucrative deal, if the source is to be believed. But Punk has reportedly denied the offer which could produce a 'lot of money'. It might also indicate that he has 'no plan for an in-ring future'.
As for now, CM Punk is assigned to a FOX deal but not the WWE. Punk's agents contacted FOX only a few weeks ago which was the reason behind the initial tryout in Los Angeles. Later, WWE welcomed the hiring but it is still entirely a FOX decision and does not concern the WWE officials. He will be appearing as a Special Contributor and Analyst from next week. These will be "selected appearances" in the studio show alongside host Renee Young and analyst Hall of Famer Booker T.

There is no follow-up update available on the in-ring return of the former Straight Edge Leader. Some of the Superstars like Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt have already reached out to him via social media looking forward to a match But the chances of that happening are very low at this point of time.

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