Babysitters In Massachusetts Put Infant Inside Refrigerator, Posts Video On Snapchat Buzz Desk
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In a horrifying incident of its kind, a baby was put inside a refrigerator by baby sitters and the video was posted on Snapchat. The incident happened in Danvers, Massachusetts in the United States. The two juvenile babysitters are now facing charges for allegedly committing the act and sharing the video on a social networking site. The girls who were babysitting the toddler on Monday at a home in Danvers posted a video of putting the baby inside a fridge and closing the door. After a few seconds, they open the door and take the baby out of it. Following which, the girls from Swampscott was arrested on Tuesday on charges of child endangerment and assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

Fortunately, the baby was not injured in the incident and is with its family. It is unknown who reported the incident to the police. The video was published on an online platform where users can send pictures and groups to people or the police. The Department of Children and Families and local officials are currently investigating the incident. The baby’s mother also said that it was over half an hour since she left the house when the incident occurred. Another clip of the Snapchat video shows someone holding the baby. However, it is unclear how long the baby was inside the fridge. 9-month-old girl’s ring finger severed as staff shuts door at Gurgaon day care center; mother writes painful account on Facebook

Here is the video. It could be considered disturbing to some, viewer discretion is advised:

 NECN quoted the baby’s mother as saying, “I was horrified. I didn’t expect that to happen. These teenagers, I don’t believe they did it to harm my child. Teenagers are silly, stupid, foolish – they do things like that – and I’ve been a teenager before. It’s pretty clear to see that they were joking and laughing. They obviously didn’t know the severity of it.” (Edited by Nithya Nair)