Babymoon: What is it and how to plan one?

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Babymoon: What is it and how to plan one?
Babymoon: What is it and how to plan one?

22 Jul 2021: Babymoon: What is it and how to plan one?

A babymoon is described as a quality time-off with your partner, when you are expecting. This trend has been growing in recent years and is considered a relaxing vacation before the arrival of your little bundle of joy. A babymoon can either be a weekend getaway or a week's trip to an unexplored location. Either way, here's how you can plan one.

Time: What is the ideal time for a babymoon?

There is no 'perfect timing' for a babymoon, but ideally, it is best when the expecting mother is fit enough to travel. Taking a vacation during the first trimester can be a killjoy for those who have severe morning sickness. Further, the last trimester has the risk of early labor and hence the second trimester is opted by most couples for a babymoon.

Location: Where should you go for the babymoon?

A babymoon is a time to relax and enjoy with your partner, and it is best to zero in on a location that you both want to explore. For most expecting mothers, it is perfectly fine to travel to a foreign land before the 34th week of pregnancy. For a cheaper option, consider a weekend drive to a nearby locale that you've never visited.

Importance: Here's why it is a good idea to consider one

Let's be honest, adjusting to the new routine of parenthood is bound to keep you busy for the first few years after delivery. This also means that quality time with your partner may be off-limits for a while. Planning a vacation before the delivery ensures that you get to focus and pamper each other, while staying away from work and other distractions.

Tips: Few points to keep in mind while planning the vacation

If the trip involves flight travel, opt for a short one, as longer hours can be exhausting for the mom-to-be. After finalizing the vacation spot, make a note of nearby hospitals, in case you have to see a doctor. Plan an affordable babymoon as the post-delivery period brings with it lots of unexpected expenses and you might want to save up a bit.

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