Baby Yoda Sipping a Hot Beverage is Internet's New Favourite Meme

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In the latest episode of Disney+ series The Mandalorian, a character named Baby Yoda can be seen sipping a hot beverage. Yoda is a green coloured dwarf size creature, with big ears and eyes. Usually one does not expect babies sipping tea, coffee or soup but when it comes to the world of Star Wars, one cannot be sure about anything.

The memes that are going viral on the internet have a picture of Baby Yoda sipping his hot beverage. While some believe Baby Yoda is drinking tea, a bunch of people also think that the beverage is soup, and there is no denying that there is also a group of people who say that the drink is coffee.

While the memes are majorly being associated with the onset of winter and the way in which the character is enjoying the season, some people have also compared it with the way frog Kermit sips tea.

Memes of Baby Yoda are not new as they have been around since the day the show started airing. After almost each episode, a new baby Yoda meme surfaced.

Not many would know that Baby Yoda is not Yoda, the ancient Jedi master that guided Luke Skywalker to the force in the Star Wars film series, said a report published in The Guardian.