Baby Yoda painting hangs in National Portrait Gallery pop-up to celebrate The Mandalorian season two

Isobel Lewis
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 (Getty Images for Disney+)
(Getty Images for Disney+)

A painting of Baby Yoda has been revealed in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery.

The figure, who is officially named The Child, has been the breakout star of Disney+’s Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian.

To celebrate the show’s forthcoming return on Friday (30 October), a three-foot-by-two foot oil painting titled “The Mandalorian and the Child” was commissioned by Disney to appear at a National Portrait Gallery pop-up over the weekend. It can be found at The Unit, 40 Earlham St, West End, London WC2H 9LH.

The painting shows the titular Mandalorian, a bounty hunter, alongside The Child, who has been nicknamed Baby Yoda by internet fans.

It will be open to the public as part of a pop-up exhibition from 30 to 31 October, which will also include original concept art from the Emmy-winning TV series created by artists such as Doug Chiang, John Park and Christian Alzman.

The painting is titled ‘The Mandalorian and the Child'Getty Images for Disney+
The painting is titled ‘The Mandalorian and the Child'Getty Images for Disney+

Other paintings in the exhibition include portraits of some of the most notable actors from the Star Wars franchise, such as Alex Guinness, Thandie Newton and Riz Ahmed.

Attendees must book a free ticket in advance, which can be done by emailing

Ros Lawler, chief operating officer at the National Portrait Gallery, said: “There is no doubt that Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that has had a huge impact on popular culture and has involved a wide range of talent from across the British film industry.

“We hope that this unique collaboration between the Gallery and Disney+ will encourage new audiences and young people to our collection, allowing them to come face to face with their Star Wars heroes.”

Last week, fans were treated to a special look at season two of The Mandalorian ahead of its release on Disney+.

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