Baby Shark Videos With Little Kids Are Going Viral on the Internet and Here Are Some of the Cutest to Make Your Day!

Madhurima Sarkar

You do not need to have a baby to hear the Baby Shark song. Baby SHARK, doo doo da-doo da-doo…. Mommy SHARK, doo doo da-doo da-doo… is that lyrics that each one of you would relate. Although the song is aimed at kids under age three, it is safe to say that Baby Shark song has today, become one of the most popular cultural artefacts. The various versions uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms have gathered millions of view each at a time. Besides, some cute toddlers are captured in multiple moments, while shaking a bit in their favourite Pinkfong song. A lot of videos have gone viral, with kids reacting, every time they hear the song played on the background. And they are the best thing on the internet to make your day. YouTube Children’s Song ‘Baby Shark’ Slammed Over Sexist Lyrics in Korean Version. 

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Recently, a tiny tot was captured in a video. In the clip, the child who was asleep comfortable at the back seat in a car, suddenly woke up to the peppy tune being played and began dancing. The adorable clip has gathered more than seven million views on Twitter alone. The viral clip reminds us of those times, when we were blessed with similar videos of kids dancing on Baby Shark.

Here's the Video:

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Watch Video: Baby Dancing to Baby Shark

Like most kids, this one too loves, when Baby Shark is played. In this, the toddler was the happiest as her mom and dad join the fun too. The video was uploaded on Facebook and is loved by millions of those who watched it.

Watch Video: Baby Pissed at Alexa for Not Playing Baby Shark

Like most toddlers, this one too loves the Pinkfong song. Zoe can be seen asking Alexa to play the peppy number, but was irritated when the AI machine misunderstood and played a different song. Soon her mother came in to help her, and the moment the song was played, you can see her million-dollar smile. The video achieved one billion views on YouTube.

Watch Video: Adults in Baby Shark Challenge

As mentioned, the song is not only limited to babies. Last year, videos surfaced online with adults taking the viral Baby Shark challenge. The clips were hilarious, but gathered millions of views on the internet.

Such videos are evergreen. And Baby Shark song is also slated to become one. It is an earworm, a dance craze, a meme and so many more. We cannot ever get bored of videos surfacing online with kids dancing to Baby Shark.